Make A Jungle Noise Here

by Opposite Box

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Sean Phillips
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Sean Phillips I don't think I've ever loved a single band more. True musicians and artists. Viva la Box! Favorite track: Afternoon Sex.
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released October 31, 2015

Album art by Keith Seymour (
Recorded by Kan Munson.
Mixed/Mastered by Richard Long.
Guest appearances by: Lili Hayes, Matt Owen, Maria Sable, Curtis Warner, Jon Elliott



all rights reserved


Opposite Box Chattanooga, Tennessee


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Track Name: Dreamworld
This is a dreamworld
Built by the makers
This is a dreamworld
Built for personal pleasure

You are what you're watching
And I'm sorry you watch what you are
You sure you're for yourself
Or serving up agendas set for keeping you unstable?

Excuse me while I rectify your thought process
I'm a little confused myself
Now you could have a little, huff a little of success
They can't tell you what to think, but they can tell you what to think about
Cause everybody's doing it, everybody's doing it now

Built by the makers
This is a dreamworld
Built for personal pleasure
Track Name: Afternoon Sex
She's got that Afternoon Sex
She's got that Afternoon Sex

I Woke up quick at about noon
Just thought that I had to be in Chatt-town soon
I Gotta get lit before my day begins
so I can bang out this b****
and hopefully f***her friends
Cuz last night, Dawg, you know it got nasty
She called me Daddy as I
slapped her on the a** cheek.
Woke up and took a little stretch
Cuz I heard she got that

Afternoon Sex

Hey girl, it was really nice to meet ya
I'm Just Billz, a very sexual creature
Is there a place where we can creep to
So I can get a sneak peek of the main feature
Already know you want it, and I can tell you h****
And I'm gonna keep you moaning, moaning til the morning
You say these cats are boring, that's why you keep on snoring
So I'm gon' switch it up and give you afternoon sex
You got me going crazy
What am I gonna do with all these other ladies?
All they wanna do is touch me and chase me
And I'm the chocolate lover, that's why they wanna taste me

We gon' have you bouncing off the walls
We gon' even get your a** involved
We gon' have you bouncing off the walls
We gon' even get your a** involved
We gon' have you bouncing off the walls
We gon' even get your a** involved
Here, baby, have a Tylenol

Late night, macking the creep, and I seen her
Must've been on my s*** that evening
Mesmerized when I saw her walk in
Voices in my head, I hear her body talking
I don't do this often
That's what she told me
Body shots, saying baby just hold me
bada bing, ain't nothing but a thing
Bad a** broad, so I put her on the team
So what it's gonna be?
Just move that a** and drop
Oh, you ain't leaving with me?
Then it's better that you should stop
Cuz I want that, cuz I need that
Gotta have that in my life
All I want is the afternoon sex, girl
Give me a sample tonight

Baby, let's keep it casual
I can tell me and you are compatible
We can take it fast, or we can take it gradual
Or we can do it like they do on the Discovery Channel
Uh - but I can be patient
but for now, let me see that a** shaking
I can be a flirt just to see how you can take it
Once we're liquored up, let's recalibrate
And report to battle stations
Now you want the sexual sensation
I got exactly what you're craving
and in the morning
You'll be naked making bacon
while I'm wake and baking naked

I'm looking for the flashy type
And she gotta fashion right
Baby, I'm kind of an action guy
So let's do what we came to do
and smash tonight

I need a chick who's down to ride it
Whip out the magic stick and she gets excited
She rolls my junts and then she lights it
And after the afternoon sex, girl, we keep getting higher like
Track Name: God Jr.
He is Mr. Been There, Done That
Done everything a lot better than you can
Haven't climbed a mountain? He has. Ask him.
Even got a medal for alligator wrestling.
Skydiving in Machu Pichu
Didn't have a parachute, just wore ski boots
Fell in a river and he floated down South.
Mermaid gave him mouth to mouth
Spinning, grinning, lying, smiling
Eats them 'tater chips, drinks that wine
And the boy in the glasses never really liked him
Now I know why, said, now I know why

He is the one
God Jr
He is the one
and I will let you know, said
He is the one
God Jr
He's amazing, He's amazing

Whatever you have done, he has probably done it better
Whatever you have done, he has probably done it better
Whatever you have done, he has probably done it better
He's got one bigger, now he's got one better

Oooh oooh
God Jr

It's the same old thing that we're used to
The same old song and dance
Don't you come around here, trying to save me from the world again
You dropped the soap, if you know what I mean
Track Name: Creatures
Creatures escape the heat
So distracted by fire

You only want what you can't have
You always need it when you don't
You always want something harder than your husband
And you better not cry if it don't lead to nothing
Now you lay down, and you wake up
And you're stuck in repetition
And you're finding out that nothing is free
Celebrities got you hypnotized
And weakening creative mind
And everyone will stare
But no one ever wants to play with fire

Creatures escape the heat
So distracted by fire